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12 Days of Christmas Fitness! | healthhub.co


12 Days of Christmas Fitness!

By Jacqueline Der Karapetian | In Personal Training | on November 30, 2013

It’s that festive time of year – eat, drink and be merry…… but don’t skimp on your exercise or those pounds will soon pile on!! So, from December 1st, why don’t you join us for ’12 days of Christmas Fitness’!

Just like the Christmas song, the 12 days of fitness is an accumulating challenge in which you start day 1 on 1st December with 1 exercise and add on a new exercise each day, repeating the previous day/day’s exercises as well until you finish on day 12 with a circuit of 12 exercises.

For an added challenge, you could do an additional 12 days, working your way back down from 12th -1st exercise, making it 24 Days of Christmas Fitness, or, do the whole thing every day for 12 days!  Let us know how you get on – enjoy!

To be done to the tune of ‘A Partridge in a Pear Tree’!                                                              On the — Day of Christmas Fitness my body said to me:    

1st –  a 1 minute plank on knees or toes
2nd – 20 Jumping Jacks
3rd – 30 abdominal crunches
4th – 40 speedy squats
5th – 5 Power Burpees
6th – 6 walking press up’s
7th – 7 lunge jumps (each leg)
8th – 8 Oblique twists/Bicycles (each side)
9th – 9 Mountain Climbers (each leg)
10th -10 Dorsal Raises
11th -11 Triceps Dips
12th -12 High Knee runs (each leg)

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